Thursday, 16 December 2010

Busy December

I've been working hard for last couple of weeks and I really can't see the results.. I've been making doorstops, cushions, Christmas decorations, cakes (yummy yummy cakes!), doing lots of cleaning and somehow everything looks the same. I can't believe it's nearly Christmas and I still haven't managed to do half of the things I need to do. 
The Cookie Day was a disaster, no-one turned up as everyone was busy. I have to admit, I was very disappointed. And sad. But my lovely boyfriend and our house-mate made the weekend absolutely fantastic! 
The things I did on the weekend (I just realised it's already thursday!! When? How?!):
  1. Baked some cupcakes. Dead easy, dead delicious!
  2. Put a Christmas tree up and half dressed it.
  3. Did mulled wine. Then drunk it.
  4. Did a little party.
  5. Watched the best movie ever made (I mean the best!) called "Baraka". 
  6. Thought a lot.
  7. Went out to my favourite local pub and drunk the best beer - Hobgoblin.
  8. Was visited by my sister and the cutest baby boy (I soooo love him!)
  9. Finished making doorstops.
  10. Sold all doorstops.
  11. Drunk some more wine.
  12. Drunk some more beer.
  13. Chatted, chatted, chatted...
Here are the cupcakes. Just to make you want them ;)

I made lots of angels. Will put pictures soon!


Thursday, 2 December 2010

Christmas Cards

I finished making the Christmas cards. They are completely different to what I had in mind, but at least they are still simple. Made 40 for now, but thinking of making more as already sold half of it and need to take some to one shop plus need some for the Cookie Day as well.


And that's where it all happened. I guessed I can't really work in a clean place..

Ok, going back to work. And it sucks as my friends are sitting in the kitchen having a little party.. And it's super cool outside with lots of snow.. I'd better get back before I start crying...


PS. For a first time since I moved to the house I can hear children playing and laughing outside. I really like it :)
PS2. By the way, the cards are much more colourful in reality than on the photos. I definitely need a new camera. Anyone wants to get me one for Christmas?

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Lazy Weekend

I had a very lazy, relaxing Sunday. And I well deserved it. I cleaned up the working space yesterday and although it looks nothing like I wanted, it's clean and organised. And I have no troubles finding stuff any more. 
It looks like that now:

I even sorted out my threads and put a board up. It took me more than a day to do everything, didn't realise I had so much rubbish here!

I found my old sketch book. I forgot how much I enjoy drawing. And I also found some dried orange slices from last Christmas projects, so did an orange and cinnamon stick decoration. Smells really nice.
Ok, it's time for bed now. It's going to be a very, very long day tomorrow. And to be quite honest I can't wait. Really like my "new" workplace :)


Friday, 26 November 2010

New Week Resolutions

I spent last few days in bed due to my cold (it's gone now, yeeey!) thinking. I realised that:

  1. I am extremely disorganised. 
  2. I am not doing half of the things I want to. 
  3. I am not exercising at all. 
  4. I do not go out as often as I would like to. 
  5. My room is a mess. 
  6. I am wasting my time. 
  7. I am going depressed again. 
  8. Most of my friends moved out and now I have just few people I could go and visit. 
  9. And so on...

So I came up with a brilliant idea. I made a list of all the things I want to do and things I need to do, and did the same for my business. Then I did sort of a "time-plan" - by when I want to achieve it etc. 
My list is really long, but I feel much better knowing what I need to do. I'm much calmer as I know that if I stick to the plan I will earn enough money and have more spare time :) Then I can bake a real cake for Mr Boyfriend (if he decides to talk to me again as we had a little argument).

Here are some things from my list:

1. Clean and organise my working space as for now it looks like that:

And I want it to look more less like that:

6a00e552222f5388340120a526c7e9970b-800wiPicture 5


Photos from:

2. Work on the website and upload the blog DAILY!!!
3. Sign up for Zumba.
4. Decorate the room.
I was looking around and realised I have few very nice things I'm hiding instead of using as decoration. Here are some of them:

5. Start organising Christmas. Hope it's not too late for the business..
6. Read more "F**k it" and make it my philosophy.

I bought the book for Mr Boyfriend last Christmas. It was black and white so I coloured each page to make it more personal. And he really liked it :)

7. Get in touch with everyone I know so that I can get more friends.

I have more than 20 points on my "to do" list.. I feel quite good that I did it. And feel motivated. So I'll leave you for now as I have to clean my working space :D Shame I can't paint the walls different colours. 
I'll let you know how it turned out. And I hope it will be pretty soon!


PS. How do you like my old-looking photos? Wanted to put them without a frame but honestly don't know how.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Bags are finished

I have finally finished the bags. Making them wasn't very enjoyable as I'm not well and I'm spending most days in bed trying to get better. And it's no fun. I'm getting stressed again as I can't work (I tried, but my runny nose, painful head and swollen throat put a quick stop to that) and I still have lots to do. So I'm  in bed for five days now and it's slowly getting better. It must be them hot teas with rum :) And Mr Boyfriend who looks after me very well. Maybe I should be ill more often?
Ok, I'll stop moaning now and show you my bags. Again, the pictures are rubbish, sorry. Maybe there is something wrong with the camera? 

I hope you like them.They are all different sizes and as I make them mostly from used materials they are all unique and one off. I need to make more of them soon, but for now I need to focus on getting better. By the way, why no-one came to visit me with a large bar of chocolate? Very disappointed. But you still have a chance ;)


Friday, 19 November 2010

No time to blog

I got caught up at work and don't really have time to blog. And anyway there is nothing interesting happening, I just make bags now and it's pretty boring. I'm hoping to finish the bags tonight so will show you the pictures tomorrow. Rally tired. Need to carry on with the bags. I want holiday...


Tuesday, 16 November 2010

I'm lazy

Yes, I'm lazy. It's a well-known fact, never tried to hide it. I have lots of work, need 10 bags by Friday, more owls as they sell very well, not to mention I still haven't started preparing Christmas stuff plus I need to do my website. And I can't get around to do it. I have to kick my sweet bum (which is getting bigger and bigger) and do some work. 
Here are the promised pictures of the hats. I'm putting just few here, you really don't want 30 pictures of hats.

Dog Hat
Monster Hat
Cat Hat
Cat Hat
Dead Cat Hat
Flower Power
Flower Hat

I have a new mobile (last one was hit by a wall..) and I really don't know how to take good pictures with it, so sorry for the quality. 
I'll try to make more hats and put them on Etsy. Don't sell anything there yet as everything I make goes to shops.

By the way, the concert was quite good, quite enjoyed it. Will definitely listen to them more often now. See you soon!


Sunday, 14 November 2010

Cinematic Orchestra

So lovely people, I'm in London with my friends again, going for Cinematic Orchestra concert. I have to be honest, I have no idea what it is, probably heard them before, but really can't say I know them or their music. But hope it will be fun.
I finished my hats (yey!), working on bags now and getting ready for Christmas. Planning to organise a hot chocolate, muled wine and cookie day when I can sell all my stuff. All welcome to come :)

Ok, I'm going to get ready, make-up and stuff. Will let you know how it was. Sorry I have no pictures for you at the moment. Will show you my hats tomorrow. Have a nice evening!


Monday, 8 November 2010

I love autumn

It was a perfect weekend! Martin and I went away and we stayed in this nice, old hostel. It was a bit scary, but enjoyably scary. The weather was great, good food, tasty beer.. What else do I need? Well, maybe more days like that. 
The pictures are not that good, I know. I don't have a proper camera so I took them with a mobile.

A cake I "bake" for Mr Boyfriend. Now he can't complain I never bake him anything ;)

The weekend is gone now and I'm back to work. I'm a hat maker at the moment, no time for anything. So good-bye my favourite pub, good-bye movie nights, good-bye open mics. At least till Friday.


Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Long weekend

That was a very long weekend and today is my first day I came back to work. It was Martin's birthday on Saturday and apart of a small incident (had to get rid of one of the guests which nearly ended up with a fight), it was a nice party with lovely people. Nothing wild, we just sat down, ate and talked for hours. And Sunday was nice too, went for a walk with friends and had a cream tea in a little cafe. Took lots of pictures, will put theme here later.
And then Martin was not well and he had to stay in for two days and those were the laziest days ever. We didn't do anything, just sat on sofa watching telly. And it was great :)

I made those angels from salt dough and already sold them to a local craft shop. Happy happy happy! Oh, have I told you that Keeko is in two shops now? And in the middle of dealings with two more. Yep, happy happy happy!


Friday, 29 October 2010

A very good day. Ish.

I finished my project (sort of, still have some ideas that need doing) and it took me longer than expected. Maybe that's because I'm getting ill and feel tired all the time, which results in me doing everything twice as slow as usually. Anyway, these are the finished products, which are already in the shop waiting for a new home.

And guess what I saw in the shop? My doorstops are already displayed!! I was so happy that I took some pictures.. I know, pretty lame ;)

I'm just hoping they will sell. Otherwise will have to go there in disguise and buy them myself. 
I'm feeling really rubbish recently, just wanna go and sleep and get better, but I can't. I've already cancelled a meeting in one shop due to my runny nose, it's Mr Boyfriend's birthday tomorrow so I need to organise it, and have a meeting on Monday in another shop so have to prepare some stuff to show. 
If you want to know how to make the hearts I am more than happy to do a tutorial. And I have some more projects done already, will show you pictures later.
I'll not blog at the weekend (party party party!) so see you next week!


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