Thursday, 2 December 2010

Christmas Cards

I finished making the Christmas cards. They are completely different to what I had in mind, but at least they are still simple. Made 40 for now, but thinking of making more as already sold half of it and need to take some to one shop plus need some for the Cookie Day as well.


And that's where it all happened. I guessed I can't really work in a clean place..

Ok, going back to work. And it sucks as my friends are sitting in the kitchen having a little party.. And it's super cool outside with lots of snow.. I'd better get back before I start crying...


PS. For a first time since I moved to the house I can hear children playing and laughing outside. I really like it :)
PS2. By the way, the cards are much more colourful in reality than on the photos. I definitely need a new camera. Anyone wants to get me one for Christmas?

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