Monday, 10 January 2011

10 things I like

Couldn't post it on Saturday so doing it now. Enjoy!

1. Absolutely love the look. Have to have that dress! (source)
vintage clothing Where to Find Hot Vintage Clothing & Accessories

2. Very into Indie Craft nowadays.
Indie Craft Bazaar @ Cinema Paradiso Sun July 18, 2010

3. That lamp is just really, really cool. (found here)

4. Calendars. Need to make one for this year clipboard calendar
(from here and here)

5. Found this blog recently and fell in love with it...

6. VW Camper Vans. One day will buy one!

7. Maps on walls. Simple and cool. (photo from here)
                         World Map Wall Paper

8. Folk art. Really love it. Planning to do some "folky" stuff myself. (picture from here, by the way, really nice blog too)


9. Baking. Into cupcakes right now. Somehow my cupcakes don't look that cool..

10. This sweet little purse (here).
                             Scandinavian Birds Pouch/Purse by girlbyAileen - photo

Have a great week and don't forget too come back soon!


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