Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The newest adventure

I´ve just realised that my last post was in January!... And to be frank I have not been here since. I´m ashamed.

But I have an excuse. Few to be precise.
  1. I left the UK and now I live with Mr Boyfriend in Slovakia.
  2. I´d gone back to work full time in order to save money so that we could move.
  3. My sister has a new family member so obviously I had to spend lot of time with them.
  4. I decided to open a shop and there was a huge amount of preparation before that.
  5. I opened a shop (together with Mr Boyfriend)
  6. I am living my dream :)
So, although I know I said it before several times, I´m back. 

I am working on a website and a internet shop, and will definitelly change the blog design. For now I´m trying to figure out how to do it though so it might take a little while.

Here are some photos of my sweet little shop. They were taken just before we opened last week so they are not perfect. Hope you like them anyway :)


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