Saturday, 28 January 2012

I should be working hard...

I finally made a list of all the things that should (have to!) be done in the shop and I nearly cried... There is just SOOO much!... We've been open for over four months now and still half of the things is unfinished. Here's the list of the most important things:
  1. Finish off the changing room
  2. Sort out the stock room
  3. Do something with the spare room - the original plan needs to wait a bit longer and I need to use the space up somehow. A gallery maybe? Any ideas?
  4. Wallpaper 
  5. Lighting
So as you see I really should be working hard right now.. And somehow I can't move my lovely bum of the chair. I will start on Monday. Mondays are good days for starting. 

That's from the changing room. And this is the only thing that's finished there..

Anyway, I'm working on a new series of DIY projects for Valentine's. It's starting on Monday!

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