Friday, 20 April 2012

I finished the project last night but couldn't take good photos until this morning.. So with a little delay here it comes: super easy photo holder DIY.

1. Supplies needed: some stones, washed and dried; easy to fold wire; brushes and paint. I used acrylic paint and it covered the stones perfectly. You can also spray the stones with clear spray once they are painted and dried - it would add some shine and make the colours brighter.

2. Paint your stones in chosen colours.

3. Wire the stones around as shown on the photo. Do the top loop by wiring around a pencil.

4. Add your photos and ta-da! You have an original photo didplay!

You can leave your stones unpainted to create a natural look.
Use black and white photos if your stones are colourful.
Paint one side of a stone, wait until dry and paint the other side. 
You can paint your stones all in one colour to match your interior deco.
The holders are great as table number holders!

Have fun and see you soon!

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