Friday, 30 November 2012

how to make salt dough angels

Christmas is less than a month away and I am sooo excited! We prepared few projects and lots of ideas for you - handmade Christmas decorations, gifts and recipes for perfect celebration. We start today with an easy salt dough angels tutorial - enjoy! Oh, and don't forget to come back for more!

Here's a super easy salt dough angels tutorial. They are really cute and would make a perfect gift or Christmas tree decoration.

Mix all of the ingredients together - start with mixing salt and flour, then add water and oil. Kneel the dough for couple of minutes, once it's smooth put into a plastic bag and place in the fridge for 30 minutes.

To start just make 6 balls - one large for the body, two smaller ones for wings, one, even smaller, for the head and two smallest ones for hands.

 * roll the biggest ball flat and cut a circle out using a glass

 Make a hole with a toothpick at the top of the triangular. You can also decorate it at the bottom.

Place the wings on aluminium foil, wet them with a brush and little water and place the skirt on them. Using water will help the pieces to stick together. 

 Make a head and using water stick to the body. 

For the hands make two teardrop shapes and using a knife "make" fingers.

Press the bottoms of the hands with your finger.

 Use garlic press to make hair - just press some dough through it.

 Wet the head and stick hair to it. I usually do it one by one.

 Using a sharp pencil make little mouth - they look like they are singing :)

Bake them in no more than 100C. Too high temperature will cause bubbles to appear and trust me - you don't want that. Let them dry there for couple of hours. Once they are hard enough for you to handle them, take the foil of and put them back in the oven. Keep on checking on them, once they are hard on both sides they are ready.

I made a whole bunch of them for my Esty shop - just need to paint them now.

  - do not leave the dough outside of plastic bag for too long as it will dry up and will crumble which makes it very difficult to work with
- if the dough is too dry - add a little water, if too wet - add some flour
- it is better to make the balls one at a time to make the pieces - if you do all the balls together, they will dry up before you have the time to work with them. 
- I recommend using acrylic paints to finish off the angels
- once you paint the angels cover them with clear acrylic spray or nail varnish 


  1. how did you make the wings? Very lovely!

  2. What a wonderful tutorial on your salt dough angels. Thanks for sharing with us crafters here in the cyber world!

  3. Lovely and cute!!!! Ideal craft to do with kids!!😊


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