Wednesday, 7 November 2012


to create our announcement we used a photo found on the internet, but don't know the source.. sorry

After lots and lots of preparations we finally finished our online store! It took us way longer than we wanted - run into many problems along the way - but in the end we got there.

Yes, we already opened it once, but had to close it due to unexpected problems. We sorted them all out now and hopefully everything works as it should. 

There's been lots of changes here -  both in the business and my private life.. Those really were some crazy months.. And there are more changes coming. I'm sooo excited! Will tell you more about it some other time.

So this is how the shop looks like:


We have prepared lots of promotions for you in our new and shiny online store. What are you waiting for? Go and check it out!! Just click on the above photo :)

Go to our Facebook page, click on LIKE and receive 10% off! Hurry, offer ends on the 14.11.12 at 12am!

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