Wednesday, 17 April 2013

My New Best Friend

New Year should be in Spring. Honestly, nothing gives me more strength, hope and motivation than seeing the world around me bursting with new life. 
I have the feeling that I, too, am starting a new life. And this is a very good thing.

I received my camera a couple of days ago and it instantly became my best friend. Seriously, how could I have managed without it? I take it everywhere with me and take pictures of everything. But we don't know each other too good yet.. There is too many buttons/options/settings! I'm totally lost here.. Out of over 400 photos I've taken so far only few are reasonably good. The rest.. well, I like to call them "abstract art".

Anyway, now I can do all of my projects and share them with you. And share a little of my life too. Now I will be a blogger I always wanted to be. Yeeey! Happiness all around!

Oh, almost forgot. These are Posh Cats - this time on canvas. Just need to add some final touches and put them up for sale (hopefully by the time I will learn how to take good pictures and will snap the Posh Cats better).

Happy Spring!

PS. Don't forget about the sale at Keeko!! Hurry, you've got only week left! 

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