Friday, 19 April 2013

Current obsessions

Recently I am a very busy girl. Today I got up at 5:30 (yeah, ok, I realise that for some of you this is a normal time to get up but for me it still is like a middle of the night) and got to work. And I still will be working and trying to get on top of everything until late evening. It's been a long time since I felt this motivated and eager to work. I blame winter for that and those extra short days. It must have been some mad person that came up with all this time change that makes winter days so short. My body is still not used to this and I've been around for some time now. I probably should emigrate for the winter season somewhere warm (you see, I don't really like hot weather either, warm would be just fine).

But enough of moaning. So yes, I'm having a very productive day. Made some progress with my new camera (I'm thinking of giving it a name actually, any ideas?): I read 53 pages of the manual, took about 50 "abstract art" photos, know how to set the time and date (yes, very useful), wiped it way too many times and found it a perfect place/bag/home. I must admit that I was very naive thinking that taking photos would be a piece of cake. No, it is not. But I'm making (some) progress.

Leon the Very Wise Dog

Lola the Cat That Can't Meow

Meet my pets: Leon and Lola. There are two more, Piri and Rafael, but they just run away when they see me slowly approaching them with my camera. So now it is filled with photos of random objects, running pets and Mr. Hubby. Mr. Hubby is the only one that sits still for me. Ish.

Happy evening everyone! Once I'm done here I'm going for a well-deserved, cold beer. With my camera obviously :) 

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