Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Personal development, self-coaching and getting unstuck

I love planning. Planning is my obsession and probably the only thing I do on regular basis. In fact I plan pretty much everything, and by everything I really mean everything. I write all my plans down in my planner (one of the 6 that I have) and... yep, that's where it ends - on a piece of paper as I never follow up with my plans. Don't get me wrong, I really want to do everything that I planned but somehow I become overwhelmed by the amount of things/projects that I need or want to do and I end up doing none of them. I will start one then move to another one without finishing the first one, then realise that there is another thing I really should be doing right now and.. Well, you see where it goes. I would get frustrated and angry with myself, get into a panic mode, try to do everything at once which is never a good idea and end up crying and telling myself I'm worthless and I will never achieve anything. And then I'll start comparing myself to successful people, cry even more, then become passive and get even angrier with myself. Then I will force myself to stay positive, start planning from the beginning and the whole process repeats itself. And let me tell you, this is what I hate most about myself (I really love myself, I just hate some things I do).
Actually I should have written the above in the past tense as for the first time in my life I found the way to stay on track, have things done and move closer to the life I want. I honestly do not want to bore you with all the process how I manage to get everything under control (oh how amazing that feels!) but if you struggle with similar problem you really MUST read this article (or if you just want to improve some areas of your life)
Anyway, now that I learned how to follow up with my plans I honestly feel happier, more optimistic (hey, I can do anything!) and satisfied. And I no longer am angry with myself :) I will write more about self-coaching (yes, yes, I got into "improve myself" mode) and getting unstuck some other time - I didn't think this will be such a long post!

Oh, we went for a romantic weekend away with Mr Hubby and it was amazing! We went to the prettiest little town I've ever seen and I fell in love with that place! One day I will buy a tiny little house there. I'll show you the photos next time as they still need to be edited (if I actually find any worth showing) and tell you more about the place. These are some other photos form the trip which are sort of ok as they are (oh ok, I did edit them a little..) I was pretty happy about them  -taking into consideration I really don't know how to take good photos..  

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