Monday, 4 October 2010

I won the lottery! But still have to work..

Yey, hoorey! I won £10! 
Ok, it might not be much, but that doesn't matter. Firstly, because I never won anything in my life (apart of a t-shirt, but that's a boring story), and secondly, because if I'd guessed 3 numbers I might as well guess 6 and then I'll be a millionaire! And will get a nice studio and a little shop, and a proper website. And some other stuff (I've already decided what I'll spend it on). Meanwhile though I need to work hard...

Here is my first project and the very first thing I'm selling. I made the bag from some trousers I got in charity shop. I simply cut off the legs, sew them together, shaped it, used an old pillowcase for interior and voile: a  pretty shoulder bag.


I think that brown and light pink really go together. I'm pleased with the way it turned out and I'm seriously proud of myself (well, someone has to be proud of me). I was going to add some decorations to the bag to make it more colourful but in the end decided against it. But there are ways to make it more personal by simply tying a scarf to it, or attaching a colourful necklace, or pinning a broche. 


The bag looks much better once you wear it, it's not that square at the bottom. It hangs quite nice, a bit like it shows on the second picture. 
I know these are not the best pictures, but I'm absolutely going crazy here trying to take the pics and putting them on the blog. It took me over an hour.. And I'm still not happy with the results but will leave it for now. I'm going to cash my lottery ticket :)

Ps. I'm going to put the bag for sale later on, check it on


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