Friday, 29 October 2010

A very good day. Ish.

I finished my project (sort of, still have some ideas that need doing) and it took me longer than expected. Maybe that's because I'm getting ill and feel tired all the time, which results in me doing everything twice as slow as usually. Anyway, these are the finished products, which are already in the shop waiting for a new home.

And guess what I saw in the shop? My doorstops are already displayed!! I was so happy that I took some pictures.. I know, pretty lame ;)

I'm just hoping they will sell. Otherwise will have to go there in disguise and buy them myself. 
I'm feeling really rubbish recently, just wanna go and sleep and get better, but I can't. I've already cancelled a meeting in one shop due to my runny nose, it's Mr Boyfriend's birthday tomorrow so I need to organise it, and have a meeting on Monday in another shop so have to prepare some stuff to show. 
If you want to know how to make the hearts I am more than happy to do a tutorial. And I have some more projects done already, will show you pictures later.
I'll not blog at the weekend (party party party!) so see you next week!


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