Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Long weekend

That was a very long weekend and today is my first day I came back to work. It was Martin's birthday on Saturday and apart of a small incident (had to get rid of one of the guests which nearly ended up with a fight), it was a nice party with lovely people. Nothing wild, we just sat down, ate and talked for hours. And Sunday was nice too, went for a walk with friends and had a cream tea in a little cafe. Took lots of pictures, will put theme here later.
And then Martin was not well and he had to stay in for two days and those were the laziest days ever. We didn't do anything, just sat on sofa watching telly. And it was great :)

I made those angels from salt dough and already sold them to a local craft shop. Happy happy happy! Oh, have I told you that Keeko is in two shops now? And in the middle of dealings with two more. Yep, happy happy happy!


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