Friday, 26 November 2010

New Week Resolutions

I spent last few days in bed due to my cold (it's gone now, yeeey!) thinking. I realised that:

  1. I am extremely disorganised. 
  2. I am not doing half of the things I want to. 
  3. I am not exercising at all. 
  4. I do not go out as often as I would like to. 
  5. My room is a mess. 
  6. I am wasting my time. 
  7. I am going depressed again. 
  8. Most of my friends moved out and now I have just few people I could go and visit. 
  9. And so on...

So I came up with a brilliant idea. I made a list of all the things I want to do and things I need to do, and did the same for my business. Then I did sort of a "time-plan" - by when I want to achieve it etc. 
My list is really long, but I feel much better knowing what I need to do. I'm much calmer as I know that if I stick to the plan I will earn enough money and have more spare time :) Then I can bake a real cake for Mr Boyfriend (if he decides to talk to me again as we had a little argument).

Here are some things from my list:

1. Clean and organise my working space as for now it looks like that:

And I want it to look more less like that:

6a00e552222f5388340120a526c7e9970b-800wiPicture 5


Photos from:

2. Work on the website and upload the blog DAILY!!!
3. Sign up for Zumba.
4. Decorate the room.
I was looking around and realised I have few very nice things I'm hiding instead of using as decoration. Here are some of them:

5. Start organising Christmas. Hope it's not too late for the business..
6. Read more "F**k it" and make it my philosophy.

I bought the book for Mr Boyfriend last Christmas. It was black and white so I coloured each page to make it more personal. And he really liked it :)

7. Get in touch with everyone I know so that I can get more friends.

I have more than 20 points on my "to do" list.. I feel quite good that I did it. And feel motivated. So I'll leave you for now as I have to clean my working space :D Shame I can't paint the walls different colours. 
I'll let you know how it turned out. And I hope it will be pretty soon!


PS. How do you like my old-looking photos? Wanted to put them without a frame but honestly don't know how.

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