Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Bags are finished

I have finally finished the bags. Making them wasn't very enjoyable as I'm not well and I'm spending most days in bed trying to get better. And it's no fun. I'm getting stressed again as I can't work (I tried, but my runny nose, painful head and swollen throat put a quick stop to that) and I still have lots to do. So I'm  in bed for five days now and it's slowly getting better. It must be them hot teas with rum :) And Mr Boyfriend who looks after me very well. Maybe I should be ill more often?
Ok, I'll stop moaning now and show you my bags. Again, the pictures are rubbish, sorry. Maybe there is something wrong with the camera? 

I hope you like them.They are all different sizes and as I make them mostly from used materials they are all unique and one off. I need to make more of them soon, but for now I need to focus on getting better. By the way, why no-one came to visit me with a large bar of chocolate? Very disappointed. But you still have a chance ;)


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