Tuesday, 16 November 2010

I'm lazy

Yes, I'm lazy. It's a well-known fact, never tried to hide it. I have lots of work, need 10 bags by Friday, more owls as they sell very well, not to mention I still haven't started preparing Christmas stuff plus I need to do my website. And I can't get around to do it. I have to kick my sweet bum (which is getting bigger and bigger) and do some work. 
Here are the promised pictures of the hats. I'm putting just few here, you really don't want 30 pictures of hats.

Dog Hat
Monster Hat
Cat Hat
Cat Hat
Dead Cat Hat
Flower Power
Flower Hat

I have a new mobile (last one was hit by a wall..) and I really don't know how to take good pictures with it, so sorry for the quality. 
I'll try to make more hats and put them on Etsy. Don't sell anything there yet as everything I make goes to shops.

By the way, the concert was quite good, quite enjoyed it. Will definitely listen to them more often now. See you soon!


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