Saturday, 11 February 2012

Cute tea bags

Valentine Gift DIY

This is a very easy project and a great present for your Valentine! I simply adore hand-made presents - they're very special and you know that whoever made it put thought and effort to it. Plus, whenever I make presents for a friend or family, I think about them the whole time. It somehow brings me closer to them :)

How to do it:
You will need: colour paper, a needle, paper heart (to use as a pattern), pencil, scissors, glue, tea bags.

1. Draw and cut little hearts out.

2. Take the original tag off, cover one side of a heart with glue, put the string in the middle and cover with another heart. 

 3. If you want to create your own tea mix: carefully open a tea bag - make sure you don't tear it.

 4. Empty the bag - you can now use it for your mix.

 5. Mix your tea. My all time favourite is roiboos, peppermint and lemon. You can use loose tea and mix it with spices, or do what I did: I only had tea bags, so I simply opened them and mixed the tea together.

 6. Put your mixture back into a bag and close it with its original string. Put your paper heart at the end of a string.

7. You can paint the box you bought your tea in and stick little hearts on it or write a message for your Valentine, or just put it in a nice box. I simply run out of time to do it. (and I drunk all the tea myself...)

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