Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Alternative Christmas tree

I'm starting my Christmas preparations a little earlier this year - knowing myself I will run out of time anyway and half of the things will stay on my "Christmas To Do List". One of the things I really need to think of now is my Christmas tree. There is this tradition in my family that we dress the tree on the 24th, before we have very traditional dinner (and we start eating when we spot the first star!). This is going to be Mr Hubby's and mine first "married" Christmas and I just want it to be perfect.. We still live in his mother's house, in Mr Hubby old room so there isn't much space for Christmas tree. Let's face is - it's either the tree or we won't have the access to the balcony and I don't think Piri the Cat would like that much. So I need to compromise and make a space saving tree. I found those on the internet and I need to choose one and prepare everything for the 24th - I like traditions. What do you think? Which one?

So this are my inspirations. I really like the last one as it's pretty big (and green). I could add some decorations to it, and fairy lights and all.. My only worry is that Piri and Lola (newest addition to the family) won't let this tree survive for too long.

sources: 1/2/3/4/5

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