Tuesday, 18 December 2012

How to wrap your Christmas presents

When it comes to wrapping Christmas presents I like to make it original without spending fortune on fancy wrapping paper. Here's few ideas on how to beautifully wrap Christmas presents using plain packing paper, newspaper or old maps and some extras - hope that this will inspire you to create something special this year.



 handmade hearts for packages Handmade Cinnamom Heart Tied Gifts


DIY kraft paper gift wrap 


Step Five 

As for me.. well, I can't start wrapping my presents, cos I haven't got any yet. Everyone will get a book. Books always make good presents. Plus I cant always read them later!

The photos used for this post do not belong to me. I have a large collection of photos I found on the internet, however I didn't save the links to them. If any of the photos are yours, please contact me and I'll be very happy to put a credit for you.
I use Pinterest now for my photo collection so will have the links for photos I use from now on. 

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